Supporting Diverse Populations

Cultural Resources for specific language group

Take Chinese Speaker for example

Xindi Wang 

Rui Zhang

Chen Liu



  • People who has language barrier.

  • Culture lover

  • People who look for cultural belonging

  • Facility(library, museum, etc.)

  • Non-government Organization



Our design aims to provide users with a platform for cultural activities systematically and intuitively. Enhance the sense of cultural belonging and identity. At the same time, it provides a platform for those who are used to multiculturalism.​


Celeste Layne

Lydia Chilton 

Zitao Chen

Hong Shing Lee

Chinatown Manpower Project

Yan Zhang

Chatham Square Library

Seward Park Library

Anirudh Venkat

Matthew Bong


Tianyi Xie

Lao Zhang

Danni Mao